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Global Insurance Search Services

We have provided Property & Casualty Search exclusively since 1981, this is what we do. We have acquired significant technical expertise and industry familiarity.

Our experience translates to a succinct, precise, identification of highly qualified candidates that result in successful long term employees.

Trust and confidentiality are the cornerstones that relationships are built on. We protect customers' vital information to include proprietary data, trade secrets, organizational structure and competitive differentiation. We conduct sensitive replacement searches confidentially.

Extraction Specialists:
We have a clear understanding of organizational configurations, position responsibilities and corporate culture as they relate to competitors in the industry. This is how we create a target list to source from. Over decades we have learned to identify relevant personal circumstances of candidates as they relate to career change and how to, if appropriate, overcome them for a successful long term hire.

Our philosophy is simple – deliver more than is expected through the use of technology, years of demonstrated success and an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction.

We are an organization that believes in accountability and commitment. Our sense of urgency, a relentless pursuit of quality results, coupled to our work ethic and experience is how we differentiate ourselves.